Welcome to Genki Woman!

Welcome to the Genki Woman blog, what we hope will be a real dialogue between women on genki living.  The blog grows out of The Institute for Healthy Aging at Keiro’s first Women’s Wellness Conference – “Taking Charge of Ourselves: Empowering Women for Genki Living,” which was held on Saturday, October 9, 2010.

In response to the community’s strong support and interest in this conference, Keiro also announced that it has dedicated a section of its website, www.keiro.org, specifically to women’s wellness. Handouts from conference breakout sessions, the Genki Woman blog, fact sheets on issues relevant to women, links to resources, and more are now accessible at www.keiro.org/womens-wellness.

There was a real sense of energy and connectedness throughout the entire Conference day – a feeling of recognition, relevance and, yes, rejuvenation and renewal.  We recognized how chaotic our lives are, we realized that we do put ourselves last, and we understood that if we do not take time to take care of ourselves, we surely cannot go forward and continue to take care of all the people who count on us.

The Genki Woman blog will come out a couple of times a month and will include contributions from some of the speakers at the Conference and other women commenting on the eight dimensions we have identified in our model of wellness.

Please comment on the blogs so this will be a real give-and-take of ideas and support.

What have you done lately to take time out for yourselves?

Go forth and live genki


3 responses to “Welcome to Genki Woman!

  1. Looking forward to future discussions on how to live a genki life and to share it with my friends and colleagues here in the Bay Area.

    Just another Genki Woman,


  2. Great conference! When is the next one?

  3. Thanks for the supportive comments. We are hopeful that the conference evalation results will demonstrate a need and desire for another Women’s Wellness Conference. In 2011, we will be celebrating Keiro’s 50th anniversary with our Genki Living Expo and Luncheon in Pasadena on Saturday, October 15. We’re thinking that a GenkiWoman component to the Expo would be well-received. What do you think?

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