Exercise Your Heart…Volunteer!

Gayle Kikuta, South Bay Keiro Volunteer

To Celebrate Volunteer Week – Meet Gayle Kikuta, Keiro Volunteer and Family Member

I am proud to be a Keiro volunteer!  I love what I do and best of all, have lots of fun too!

I have been retired for over 10 years, have been blessed to have recovered from a brain aneurysm, and am supported by the best loving husband and congenial son. I have volunteered in my son’s schools, my church and community and have coached A Matter of Balance sessions for The Institute for Healthy Aging at Keiro (IHA). But the most rewarding and enjoyable times have been with my South Bay Keiro family and friends. It’s home away from home for me, my mom, my mother-in-law and extended family of residents, their families, and of course, the great staff.

Volunteering at South Bay
Keiro Nursing Home

To me, volunteering at Keiro means sharing my time and energy helping others whether it may be playing: balloon volleyball, BINGO, Black Jack, Hearts, Poker, Roulette, Rummy or UNO; leading Aloha Time; or taking time to just listen and/or chat with a resident or their family member. I look forward to each day and the rewards are abundant: the smiles, laughter, fun times, seeing residents learn new skills for games, seeing physical skills improve, getting a new resident to participate in activities or seeing a resistant resident peek-in and watch… and the “thank yous” from the residents are awesome!

Volunteering is part of genki living… anyone who has an hour or two to share with someone else, I encourage you to come and try it – observe, join in or help with a game, share your talents or visit with a resident. Come see how it can enrich your life.  Hope to see you soon!

– Gayle Kikuta


One response to “Exercise Your Heart…Volunteer!

  1. Gayle is the essence of volunteerism.. Bravo.

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