Can I Control Diabetes?

Growing up, white rice was a normal part of every meal. Curry rice; steak and rice; fried chicken and onigiri; rice and spaghetti sauce . . . the combinations were endless. Typical, I assume, for many Japanese Americans. I have heard countless stories, from patients, friends, and my own family members about facing a diagnosis of diabetes, managing diabetes, and preventing it. Though some stories include more serious aspects like amputations or kidney failure, most are celebrations of how people have kept diabetes at bay or managed its progression through simple lifestyle modifications. It is possible to control diabetes without going to extremes like completely cutting out rice or running marathons. Sometimes, these modifications are able to postpone insulin therapy while other times, they help your body to better manage insulin therapy. Every body is different, so it is important to discuss these things with your primary care provider, ask questions, and get your blood sugar checked. To learn more, see our fact sheet on diabetes.


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