Still Workin’ the CORE!!!

Robin Ishibashi Jones, Stonebridge HomeFit

WE LOVE THE CORE!!! Strengthening the core is a great way to work up a sweat and help reduce your chances of injury! My “Roll Over – Push Up” exercise utilizes many muscles of the core that not only builds strength, but improves functional ability as well. So let’s get started!

How to complete the “Roll Over – Push Up”

– Start by lying on your back with your hands overhead.

– Engaging the core and with control, roll over your right side onto your stomach. Try to control every portion of the movement…meaning, NO PLOPPING!

– Place your hands underneath your shoulders as in getting ready for a push-up. – Engage and tighten the core (abs, back, glutes).

– Strongly push yourself up to complete a push-up. *If you cannot complete a standard push-up without good form, complete this portion from your knees.

– Keeping the core engaged, slowly lower yourself back down to the ground…NO PLOPPING!

– Place your hands back overhead.

– With a strong core and maintaining control, roll back over your right side onto your back.

– Repeat 10 times…then complete another 10 rolling over your left side!

Remember, do the best you can while maintaining proper form. It is okay if you cannot complete the full set! Just keep working hard and eventually you will be able to complete this exercise and be ready to move on to the next challenge!

Best wishes in fitness and in health!

Robin Ishibashi Jones

Robin Ishibashi Jones has been a fitness trainer and strength and conditioning coach for over 10 years. A graduate of Whittier College and owner of Stonebridge HomeFit, Robin is a health and fitness enthusiast who makes training easily accessible to people of all levels.  


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