Becoming a High Tech Grandma

Fumi-Liang, High Tech Grandma

One of my friends told me that she belongs to the “TCP” club.  I asked her,  “What kind of club is that?” She answered “Technically Challenged Peoples” club.  I screamed and said, “Let me join your club, I’m a TCP, too!” To me, it is always such a challenge to learn something new, especially something technical or mechanical.

This might sound like just a poor excuse but I didn’t grow up in the age of technology.  I still remember my first television set that was black and white. Needless to say, I never liked the computer.  If I didn’t have a very patient husband who insisted that I learn to use it, I would have never even wanted to try it. However, once I learned how to email, I loved it.  You can actually communicate with your friends and family in Japan or all over the world with the tip of your fingers.  And, it’s even free!  Now that my both of children are grown and live far away from home, I decided to promote myself and got an iPhone so I can email or text them whenever I like.  I’m not sure they like having a “high tech mom” checking up on them all the time.

Last year, I became a grandma.  Unfortunately, my precious granddaughter is living in Taiwan. So, I started Skyping with her every Friday night.  Recently she turned one year old and we celebrated her birthday through Skype.  Nowadays, I show off her photos and videos on Facebook.

I was skeptical about Facebook at first, so I didn’t try it right away. One day, I received an invitation to “become a friend” with one of my former students.  I accepted his invitation.  One week later, I flew to Taipei.  Since I had a jetlag and couldn’t sleep, I opened my laptop and decided to learn more about Facebook.  The very first time, I wrote my comment, “I’m in Taipei, I can’t sleep!” then hit the return key.  Within less than 5 minutes, I received more than 20 comments from my former students.  It was very exciting to hear from those students whom I haven’t seen since they graduated.  Ever since then, Facebook became my “communication tool.”

Last summer, I posted a school reunion announcement on Facebook.  This was the very first private school where I worked as a PE teacher.  There were so many teachers and students who showed up at our good old pizza place by the school.  Some of them had become parents themselves and they brought their children.  Since the reunion we’ve been keeping in touch on Facebook.  It is wonderful to connect with my old friends, and of course with new friends through Facebook.  Of course I will continue to show off my grand daughter’s pictures and videos on Facebook.

I guess I am still “TCP,” but no longer afraid of learning something new. I could say I belong to the “HTG” club now.  And this “High Tech Grandma” is too busy to get old.


One response to “Becoming a High Tech Grandma

  1. Very inspiring to become so proficient at Facebook. I will have to give it a try again.

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