Focus on Your Strengths or Your Weaknesses?

Scott Asai, Growing Forward

Focusing on Your Strengths

We’ve been brought up in a culture where it’s taboo to focus on your strengths because it seems like bragging. Yet, whether we are being genuinely humble or not, focusing on your weaknesses produces frustration, or at best – mediocrity.

Did you know that your greatest room for growth is in your areas of strength? 
That means the more you focus on your natural talents, the more successful you can be. Being well-balanced, or a jack of all trades, is a myth. You can’t be great at everything, only a few. Why not make the shift from focusing on your weaknesses to focusing on your strengths today?

What if you don’t know your personal strengths? As a Leadership Coach, I recommend taking the StrengthsFinder assessment. I have all my clients take this online test because knowing your strengths helps determine your personal brand, as well as providing the “means” to accomplishing your goals.

For example, maybe you’re an “achiever.” You like to work hard and stay busy. Everything is about goal accomplishment and producing results. Achievers want be seen as dependable. If you’re an achiever, to-do lists are a must and whether it’s your career or personal life, you always need to be working on something.

Look at the most successful people in any industry. They do one or two things extremely well and delegate the rest. They focus on their strengths daily. I challenge you to take the StrengthsFinder so you can know your strengths and become the best version of you!

Scott Asai is a Leadership Coach and owner of Growing Forward. A Certified Professional Coach, Certified Strengths Coach, and Certified Fitness Trainer with a M.A. in organizational leadership and a B.A. in psychology, he specializes in helping the Young Professional develop their career, optimize performance and become a better leader. Scott is happily married to his wife Lisa and they reside in Santa Monica, CA. He enjoys playing basketball, golf, working out and going to the beach and Disneyland in his free time.


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