It's a Plank, It's a Push-Up … It's a Plank Push-Up!

Robin Ishibashi Jones, Stonebridge HomeFit

The “Plank Push-Up” is a great way to tone your core and your arms! Let’s get started!

Start in a modified plank position with your forearms and knees on the ground, palms facing down on the ground. Engage your core and lift your chest and stomach off the ground.  Keeping your core tight, press your hands into the ground into a modified push-up position. At this point, you will be on your hands and knees with your body in line from your knees to your head. With control, lower yourself back to starting position. Repeat 5 – 10 times. 

As always, take exercise at your own pace and never push past your limit without a physician’s approval!

In fitness and health,

Robin Ishibashi Jones


Robin Ishibashi Jones has been a fitness trainer and strength and conditioning coach for over 10 years. A graduate of Whittier College and owner of Stonebridge HomeFit, Robin is a health and fitness enthusiast who makes training easily accessible to people of all levels.


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