Three Awesome Exercises to Tone Up Your GLUTES!

Robin Ishibashi Jones, Stonebridge HomeFit

 For most working Americans, the only workout they give their glutes is sitting on the chair for eight, or more, hours a day! So, let’s get off our buns and start giving those bottoms a real workout! These exercises are convenient enough to do in your own home or office – NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED!

 Step-Up to Pendulum

Start with both feet on the ground, facing a step 6-12 inches high. Place your right foot onto the step and “step up,” maintaining balance on your right leg. Keeping a slight bend in your right knee, start to hinge forward at your waist, raising your left leg up and away from the step and lowering your upper body forward. Your goal should be to bring your left leg and upper body parallel to the ground. But take it slow, you can always improve a little at a time! Now, slowly reverse the pose and repeat 10 times. Switch sides. Complete 2-3 sets on each leg.

Lunge and Kick

Starting with both feet under your hips, take a lunge step back with your right foot (both legs should be at 90 degrees). Press forward to a standing position with your right leg so that you are balancing on your left foot and your right knee is raised to hip level – think “Karate Kid” in his Crane Pose! Maintaining balance on your left leg, kick your right lower leg out and back to the balance pose (be careful not to hyperextend your knee as you kick).  Now, take your right foot back into a lunge step and repeat 10 times. Switch sides. Complete 2-3 sets on each leg.

Mini Squats

Utilizing a chair for this exercise, sit up tall and place your feet slightly out to the sides of the chair, toes pointing outward 1-2 inches. Your legs should be bent at about 90 degrees.  If the chair, is to high, find a bench or proceed with the exercise without the chair! Place your hands on your waist and tighten the abs. Slowly lift your butt off the chair (or from a squat position) about 6-8 inches.  Lower back down towards the chair but do not place any weight on it – just barely tap the chair with your rear! Repeat 20 times. Complete 2-3 sets.

Whenever there is time during work to take a quick break, utilize the space around the office to take a brisk walk. Not only will a walk or quick exercise routine keep you more fit, it will help improve your mental clarity during those long days at the office! Exercise stimulates brain activity and can help keep you more alert and focused throughout the day!

In health and fitness,

Robin Ishibashi Jones

Robin Ishibashi Jones has been a fitness trainer and strength and conditioning coach for over 10 years. A graduate of Whittier College and owner of Stonebridge HomeFit, Robin is a health and fitness enthusiast who makes training easily accessible to people of all levels.

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