Quick Cardio-Boosting Routine!

Robin Ishibashi Jones, Stonebridge HomeFit

Incorporate this fun and challenging routine into your current fitness regiment to amp up your cardio!  Let’s get started! 


Start with 10 jumping jacks. Quickly move into squat position – feet under hips, hands on waist – and complete 10 squats.

Now, transition into burpees – start in a standing position, bend knees and place hands on the ground, jump your feet back into a push-up position, jump your feet back to a low crouching position, jump up and land with your knees bent. Do 10 burpees.

Great! You’ve completed the first set!

Now, continue your next set with 9 jumping jacks, 9 squats, and 9 burpees! Then, 8 jumping jacks, 8 squats, and 8 burpees. Continue counting down until you complete your last set of 1 jumping jack, 1 squat, and 1 burpee! 

Want to make it extra challenging?!  Work your way back up the count ladder to 10 of each exercise! 

As with all exercise programs, make it fun and keep it safe! 

Best in health and fitness,

Robin Ishibashi Jones

Robin Ishibashi Jones has been a fitness trainer and strength and conditioning coach for over 10 years. A graduate of Whittier College and owner of Stonebridge HomeFit, Robin is a health and fitness enthusiast who makes training easily accessible to people of all levels.  


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2 responses to “Quick Cardio-Boosting Routine!

  1. Susan Onodera

    I love your workouts but the sentences are too long to read.
    any way you can write it like your writing a food recipe.
    Just a thought. 🙂

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