Meet Stacey Tamura, Another Amazing Keiro Volunteer!

Stacey Tamura, South Bay Keiro Volunteer

Stacey Tamura, South Bay Keiro Volunteer

Volunteering is an important way for the next generation to get involved in caring for seniors! Below, Stacey Tamura shares her experience volunteering at South Bay Keiro Nursing Home.

I am a high school student and organize nursing home visits with high school students at my school. We have volunteered at South Bay Keiro Nursing Home a few times to participate in fun activities such as origami and bingo with the residents. All the activities have been enjoyable to do with the residents. Also, the staff were very welcoming and accommodating. After the activity, we talk with the residents and get to learn more about each other. They are always friendly and warm to us whenever we visit. I am glad to know that we may be making their day a little more fun.

Stacey is a junior at the California Academy of Mathematics and Science (CAMS), which is located in Carson, California. She participates in Biomed/HOSA Club, Key Club, Robotics, and National Honors Society with her school. During her free time, she enjoys cooking, baking desserts, and playing piano.  

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