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When it Comes to Learning, Age Ain't Nothin' but a Number!

Intellectual wellness is an important part of genkiliving. Ms. G., a Sansei and family member of a former Keiro resident, shares her experience of going back to school in her 40s and 50s!

How I went from unemployed legal assistant to Licensed Clinical Social Worker is all about making a scary decision to return to academics, in my 40s. Actually, my family thought I was crazy, but I had the support of my two adult children. To make it even more dramatic, I had worked about 20 years with a high school education.  I knew nothing about college academics.

I don’t know how my lil’ brain was able to pass the science and math courses, but it did. I began attending community college courses and earned an Associate in Arts degree in Liberal Arts, but I thought I needed more. Then I enrolled in a 4-year college and earned a Bachelor’s degree. As you can guess by now, I have really challenged myself, emotionally, financially, and physically. Going back to my brain-power, I was most amazed that I was getting higher grades in college than in elementary school. After much debate with my daughter who had a Master’s in Social Work, I took the leap of faith and enrolled in the Master’s program as well. At this point, I was really wondering if my brain cells could get me through working part time in the day and attending night courses for 4 years. To my surprise, while in my 50s, I finally found my comfort zone. Every course that I took, I truly enjoyed and absorbed…except for Statistics. I’ve been happily doing work that I really love. Just imagine if I had let age and family critics get in my way.

Through my personal experience, I challenge anyone to pursue their dreams. What is age, but just a number. You will be amazed what you can do when your heart is behind…pushing you forward. 

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